NB Studio asked Animade to help Royal Mail mark the release of a special set of stamps to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Pride. The illustrated collection—A March Through Time—pays homage to each decade of the Pride March from 1972 to the present day.
Executive Creative Director: Ed Barrett
Creative Director: Frida Ek
Animation: Chris Cocker, Eilidh Reid, Emmanuelle Walker, Lennon Valinhas, Romane Wach, Ross Butter, Sam Jones & Valérie Galchynska
Artworking: Bekki Leahy, Jacob Stead, James Hatley, Sabine Volkert, Stewart Harvey, Suzanne Matharan, Theresa Haas & Toby Mortimer
Design: Cat Finnie & Jim Billy Wheeler
Producers: Sophie Neophytou & Mariana Conde Grant
Production Assistant: Simona Somma-Mullins
Account Manager: Megan Coombes
Script Consultation: Zak Khan